3 HIIT Age Defying Exercises

3 HIIT Age Defying Total Body Exercises


Let’s start moving getting our bodies warmed and ready to go!


To do these exercises you can use a kettlebell, dumbbell, or body weight. Kettlebell(s) or with dumbbell(s) or body weight workouts are easily to fit into a busy schedule in just 5 to 15 minutes broken up during the day.


Especially with kettlebells you can complete a total body workout for cardio, strength, flexibility, weight resistance, core strength & more! It’s important to find actives you enjoy, keep moving and have fun. Instructions:


Each round can be done in 5 minutes for those days you are short on time. Depending on your fitness level can repeat for 2 or 3 rounds.


Each exercise per side is done for 30 seconds for a total of one minute with a 15 second rest.

Time yourself with a Fit Bit, GymBoss or what every is handy.


Note: You can increase or decrease your work to rest ratio depending on how much time you have to train & your fitness level. Exercises:


1. Squat = 1 minute with 30 second rest or if doing left to right 30 seconds each side. With 30 second rest.

2. Slice Plank = 30 seconds each side. With 30 second rest.

3. Walking Kettlebell swing—1 minute on with a 30 rest to either repeat or cool down.


Each round is about 5 minutes with 1 to 3 more rounds based on fitness level & time available to train.


Important: Get your body core temperature and muscles warmed up before you begin your training. You can check out the intro to this video for a sample video. Once your heart rate is increased keep moving until your heart rate drops too normal. Cooling down after training will help reduce muscles soreness and you will recover quicker. Always, cool down to help reduce muscle soreness giving your muscles time to reduce their core temperature.


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