Chain Training & Cluster Training

                                            Chain Training & Cluster Training Done

                                         When you have only one or a light Kettlebell

What do you want to achieve? Weight loss, conditioning, flexibility, cardo, strength or maintain a full active life to do what you enjoy doing? This video is about how to gain more strength, endurance, tone up & lose weight in one easy, fun way using the principles of Chain Training and Cluster Training for a total body workout.

Two Styles of Training:

1.     Chain Training - Strength and endurance to go for longer periods of time

2.     Cluster training- Increase hypertrophy strength muscle mass  


These two styles of training make strength gains quickly, endurance, ramping up your metabolism to burn calories the rest of the day and can be done with only one kettlebell, dumbbell or body weight.


Why does this work?  


Your body requires a variety of methods to make progressive gains with your fitness goals so instead of doing reps you do this instead. Choose a kettlebell or dumbbell that is your normal weight or next weight up.


Chain Training: Do three or four exercises one right after the other. Switch sides and do the same combination on the other side. Take a 5 to 10 second rest depending on your fitness level. Repeat 2 to 4 times. Example: Clean, to a Squat to a High Pull.


Cluster Training: Do 1 or 2 or 3 reps at a time of a set of exercise at a tune such as a Squat to a Row to a High Pull. Set the weight down with a 10 second rest.

 Pick the kettlebell back up and repeat 1 or two more times.


For example: Instead of doing 5 reps do 1 or 2 or 3 reps at a time, set the kettlebell down for five to ten seconds depending on your fitness level, pick it back up & repeat 1 or 2 or 3 more time to achieve your goal. I recommend you keep a log to measure your progress of how you’ve progressed with your fitness goals.


Note: Even slight programming adjustments in the order and repetition programing will change the training effect you experience. Work these two styles into your training with the exercises demonstrated adding your own movement combos too.


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