Easy-Push-Up Variations in the Safety Zone

Instructions for Push-Up

1)     On the ground, set your hands at a distance that is slightly wider than shoulder-width apart for maximum stability.

2)     Your body should be in a straight line form your head should be looking straight ahead of you aligned down to your feet in a plank position with no sagging in your back or your glutes sticking up in the air.  

3)     Breath deep into your diaphragm to engage your core, tighten up our abs & glues under controlled tension exhale as you come to the top of the move & inhale during the lowering phase. (If you have a problem staying tight think about being punched in the gut.)

4)      To take the pressure off the wrist you can place your hands on a dumbbell. As illustrated above.

5)     You elbows should be at about 90 degrees as you lower yourself keeping them close to your body.

6)     Once your chest touches the floor (or your arms go down to a 90-degree angle), pause slightly and then explode back up until you’re back to the starting position

7)     Video record how or form looks or email me the video to review.   

If I was looking down at you from above, your arms and body should form an ARROW, not a T.

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