Kettlebell Farmers Walk Variation 1 in the Safety Zone

Farmers Walk Variation in the Safety Zone

Learn the benefits of the Famers Walk for your daily activities.  Before you start this exercise, I recommend you try balancing on one leg and compare how your balance looks in comparison on the opposite side.  Are you able to stand tall or are you leaning laterally towards the outside of your body on either the left or right side?

Often tines we develop a compensation pattern for the injured left or right side. Variations of the Farmers Walk help with correcting imbalances between your hips and back. Another factor is when you sit without getting up to move around about every hour to an hour and a half muscle stiffness sets in along with tight hamstrings leading to hip and back tightness.

 The Famers Walk variation includes starting out with one weight on one side and switch to the other side(Demonstrated in another video) . This helps to build stability, mobility, and motor control. Doing the Farmers Walk on just one side is a remedial to help reduce lower back pain for degenerative disc disease and with sports injuries.  The more advance move as demonstrated in the video is a heavier weight used on the weaker side and a light weight on the stronger side. It is important to roll the shoulder blades back toward the middle of your spine, look straight ahead, walk heel, ball toe, ribs down connected to hips, breathing deep to protect your back as you go for a walk. 

The Farmers walk is also an excellent exercise to do regularly because it is a fundamental movement pattern needed to carry groceries, pick up objects to carry a load under controlled tension to help reduce injuries, build strong connective tissues and bones.

Give this a try and let me know how it goes.

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