Kettlebell HIIT & Osteoporosis: in the Safety Zone

Kettlebell HIIT & Osteoporosis: in the Safety Zone

Studies show the importance of resistance exercises for impact loading to reduce bone loss build muscles & connective tissues. As you age keep moving daily walking, climbing stairs, Yoga, Tai Chi, weight resistance exercises, breathing deep, healthy stress, sleep, whole pure foods, pure water & limiting chemicals in your diet are all part of the mix.

McGee-Lawrence work explains it this way, “Building on what is already known to happen in skeletal muscle, that the repair rate is out of tune in older osteocytes, which may contribute to bone loss in aging, that these tears happen in muscle cells and the lack of gravity appears to impair their repair rate of repair.”   A previous study shows that repair rate is out of tune in older osteocytes, which may contribute to bone loss in aging, she said. Her work is building on what is already known.

Gravity Exercise  

All kettlebell exercises by nature are resistance exercises that work against gravity with their cast iron cannon shape kettlebell with the handle attached to the top of the weight.  A well-designed kettlebell program is essential. Why? To correctly learn the fundamental moves, you use every day to push, pull, squat, bend, lunge, rotate & turn controlled by how you breathe, Once the fundamentals of movement are grooved in intensities, loads, and progressions can bolster a physical defense against osteoporosis.  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of "cardio" training, the bouts are done in intervals, with high intensity during the active bouts and an active recovery during the rest bouts because once your heart rate is up it is too hard on your heart to suddenly stop. HIIT burns a lot of fat burning calories in a short period of time. When performing a HIIT interval, usually aim to achieve a max heart rate of 80% — (220-your age) x0.8.v.                                                        

The dynamics of the kettlebell reinforces uniform development of muscles, strengthen connective tissues & bones. Injuries are reduced when the body mechanics and postural alignment are not in flexion or extension when exercising. Breathing correctly is an important part of this to control the movement pattern & reduce potential for injuries.

Kettlebell are growing in popularity because they dynamically work the entire body with functional movements for strength and conditioning as well as movement, coordination & balance.  Kettlebell exercise techniques utilize angular forces and movements that works with the body’s natural mechanics. An extra bonus for doing the kettlebell swing as Pavel Tsatsouline of Strong First states “increases the number of fast twitch fibers that usually decrease with age leading to falls.”

Kettlebell exercises also lend themselves to be restorative and therapeutic; making them an excellent choice for rehab therapy clinicians looking to add an effective, dynamic, and fun option to their repertoire. There have been many claims since the early 2000s on the rehabilitative and human performance benefits of kettlebell exercise.

Restoring Movement with Natural Physics

Restoring, optimizing, and maintaining movement and function are central goals for Physical Therapy and rehabilitation. By using functional movements combined with physics which are natural to our body, kettlebells offer a mode of exercise with rehab applications and restorative qualities limited only by one’s ingenuity and willingness to think outside the box.

Note: Kettlebells were instrumental in my healing from the soft tissue damage from a seat belt injury. I went from a diagnosis of “permanently disabled” to “full mobility.” I have two kettlebell certifications: Hard Style & High Intensity Interval Training. I am available as a Mastery Coach for individual, group training & accelerating your growth in the areas of fitness, health & relationships. As my gift to you because I know what it is like to fall through the cracks & seek answers that never seem to come offer a complimentary strategy appointment to see if what I have to offer is a good fit. Please see my contact information at or #funtionaltraining,#kettlebells,#highintensityintervaltraining,#coaching,#cardio,#weightloss,#weightresistance,#coaching,#functionaltraing,#strength,#wellness,