Hip Hinge in the Safety Zone

Hip Hinge in the Safety Zone

The hip hinge drill is a basic movement pattern that can be modified into the deadlift, squat  & kettlebell swing. The hip hinge emphasizes the posterior chain glutes & hamstrings instead of the muscles of the lower back. This is important because it shifts resistance from the lumbar spine to the hp because they're much stronger than the smaller, less powerful muscles that support the spine, the muscles of the legs and hips are better suited for lifting.

The hip hinge movement pattern involves a creasing at the hips and the buttocks being pushed backwards with a flat strong back. This is one of the most essential exercises to learn because improper form can lead to serious lower back injury. This movement should be perfected before adding any additional loads.

All hip hinge exercises heavily target the buttocks (glute muscles) & the hamstring muscles.

How to perform:

·        Stand with your feet hip-width apart, feet pointing straight ahead with a little more  weight on your heels to help activate the glues with a slight bend in your knees.

·        Keeping your back straight and core engaged, push your butt back liking you are going to sit in a chair & hinge forward at your hips. You can place a dowel with contact points of your head, shoulders & lower spine to kinetically teach yourself what it feels like to keep your back straight with head looking straight ahead.

·        Stop when you feel a stretch in your hamstrings and glutes. Depending on your level of flexibility’

·        Squeeze your glutes (you may want a small ball or a pillow to squeeze placed above your knees to help activate your glutes & placing more weight on your heels to help activate your glutes to fire first bringing your hips forward, reverse the hip hinge to return to a standing position.

Benefits of Hip Hinge Exercises:

·        Injury prevention: Improper movement patterns, especially those associated with bending forward, can lead to back pain and injury. By learning to properly hinge you’re reinforcing healthy, natural movement patterns & teaches you how to lift & carry objects safely.

·        Functional fitness: The hip hinge is the foundation of countless functional fitness exercises, including the squat, the deadlift & kettlebell swing the foundation for other kettlebell exercises such as presses & snatch It’s important to master the hip hinge for safe lifting for daily activities & athletic performance.

·        Glute engagement: As a society plagued by dead butt syndrome from sitting to much & lack of moving throughout the day. Well-developed glute muscles is required for safe lifting & help correct flat glutes 

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