Spinal Rock for Injury Prevention in the Safety Zone

Spinal Rock

Spinal rock is a terrific exercise to improve the mobilization & stabilization of your spine, build strong abs, obliques (core), activate glues, pelvis & hips & more. You can include this as part of your warm-up or cool-down using movement under tension for a minute on go do another exercise repeating for a total of 3 to 4 times.


This is how to perform the Spinal Rock:


·        Lie on your back (on a padded exercise mat) and pull the knees towards the chest. Do not pull too far – you should still be able to breathe comfortably. 

·        Tuck your chin towards the chest and raise the head a few inches off the floor. Feel the spine, making a C-shape exhaling & round your back bracing your abs fleeing your shoulders on the mat into flexion, next snape your hips into extension with your spine stretching long, breathing deep expanding your chest when your hips are flat on the floor & your heels being driven into the mat hip width apart.

·        From here gently roll backwards and forwards along the length of your spine. Be sure to maintain your breathing. You can modify this exercise by flexing your hips as you come down from the C-shape curl to give yourself a little more momentum.

·        Repeat 3 to 4 times for a minute each time doing another exercise in between using the movement under tension principle to increase strength & endurance.

Spinal Rock is Important because:

·        Sedentary lifestyles – including prolonged sitting and standing postures – can cause the spine to stiffen and lose mobility. This can result in movement restrictions which can impair simple everyday movements as well as exercise and sports performance. Restricted spinal movement – especially in the thoracic spine – can result in other body segments becoming more mobile, to compensate for this restriction (and vice versa). 

·        A typical example is where there is a lack of stability in the shoulder girdle. To compensate the body will often restrict thoracic spine motion to create balance in this area. In these situations, it is essential to not only develop stability through the scapular muscles but also improve mobility in the thoracic spine. The use of the spinal rock (and other spine mobility exercises) will play an essential part in restoring function to this area. 

·        You can advance the spinal rock can adding an element of core control. As you roll towards the lower end of your spine, engage the abdominal muscles, and roll onto your tail bone. You can balance in this position for a moment – which will require you to keep the core muscles engaged – before slowly rolling back one vertebra at a time under control.

Note: This exercise circulates the energy and relaxes the spine & helps to reprogram the hip snap & get the glutes to fire to help counter prolonged setting & standing.

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