Kettlebell Total Body Rotational Workout in the Safety Zone

Rotational Total Body Workout builds posture, core strength and when its lost stopes you from performing daily activities leading to discomfort, pain & injuries. As our body ages over time, we can lose mobility, especially rotation. Without rotation your body will become more susceptible to joint & tendon injuries besides losing functional capacity. Being able to turn & rotate from your hips is important when you need to turn sideways in your car to see what is next to you & to make lane changes. Rotation also occurs throughout the day when you need to turn to the side for an activity. When we lose rotational capacity our muscle mass, strength, flexibility & stability also declines. It’s important to have tall posture, your head between your shoulders, squeeze your shoulder blades together to help correct rounding shoulders and chicken neck. Your hips remain neutral as you rotate & move from your hips with your shoulders & hands following along. Doing rotation work should be done daily. If you are unable to move any further to the side take a deep breath staying in that position to see if you can rotate a little further once the muscles release tension. I like to include mobility work with each workout moving my body functionally as it was designed to move. I focus on rotation through my hips, t-spine (mid back) & ankles which helps my ankles, knees, low back & shoulders continue to function well. Even if you have a history of injury or joint wear & tear, I challenge you to start working on rotational mobility daily. Mastery Coach, Kettlebell Lady of Iron is available for coaching & appreciates your feedback. Until next time . .

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