Kettlebell Hand to Hand Swing in the Safety Zone

Swing Technique: In this video is with the hand-to-hand swings because it is

one of the best exercises to active the anterior & pastier cross oblique system to help activate your hips & glutes to fire first with your nervous system. Why? Because the right hip is connected to the left arm & left arm is attached to the right arm. Grove in & master the fundamentals of the kettlebell swing first:

* The kettlebell swing is a hip hinge move not a squat with minimal knee bend

* At the top of the move extend the hips & knees fully * Squeezing your glutes, brace your abs, breath deep & explosively snapping of your hips.

* Use your lats & rotate & lock your arms in their sockets to tame the arc at the top of the move

* The arms are loose arm(s) & at the top in a plank position at shoulder level .

* Keep your head up, straight back & sit back rather than dip down with the body in a straight line

*Breathing in the top of the move explosively driving the kettlebell down hiking the kettlebell back between your upper thighs.

*Anchor your tripod feet to the ground/floor because you are working with a free weight that requires a solid foot to maintain control of the kettlebell for if you lose control nothing good happens after that. Important:

* Before you start a strenuous exercise program check with your doctor first.

*Remember safety is part of not the opposite of performance so check your surrounding area to make sure it is clear, the surface isn’t slick, turn your head away from direct sun light for safety is an

*important part of performance.

*To help avoid injury and over training build

up your workloads over time in a progression.

*When exercising once your heart rate is upkeep moving to avoid putting to much strain on your heart.

*When you become fatigue stop before your form goes to reduce the potential for an injury.

*Choses a weight that is challenging taking into account the volume of exercise for upper

& lower body

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