Bridge to a Curl in the Safety Zone


Bridge to a Curl-Up

Are you ready for stronger, stabile abs, core, hamstrings & reduces injuries to your back?  The bridge isolates & strengthens the glutes to activate fist increasing you over all body strength while reducing low back & hip injuries.  The curl helps to stretch out tight back muses to eliminate back pain. This move can enhance core stability by targeting your glutes, abdominal muscles and the muscles of lower back and hips.


How to perform:

·        Lie on your back with a mat underneath your body, tuck your chin to your chest.  

·        Use a pillow or yoga block underneath your neck support if it needs the support.

·        Knees are bent & hip distance apart with your arms flat on the floor close to your body.

·        Shoulders squeezed close together as you come to the top of the move.

·        Soles of feet are grounded to the floor with more weight on your heels to help activate your glutes.

·        Use the strength of your feet & glutes squeezing a ball to aide activation to lift yourself up toward the ceiling as high as comfortable.

·        Keep your abs engaged, glues squeezed, hips & knees parallel shoulders flat on the floor.

·        Breath out to the top of the move, hold to a count of 5, breath in as you lower yourself one vertebra at a time down flat on the mat.

Next: Curl yourself up into a ball to help loosen up your tight back muscles than come down to the starting position.

In the Safety Zone: If you feel even a tinge of pain during the bridge or curl up back the exercise down.

Duration: Use time under tension by doing for a minute 4 x in a row or alternate with other exercises.

For Variety:  Extend one leg straight and perform the same lifting motion. Make sure you hold your weight in the heal of the bent knee. Bridge up keeping your hips parallel. Next do the Curl up as you would with the regular bridge. The duration is the same as mentioned above.

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