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    Kettlebell Swings are the best! Builds core strength under tension, burns calories in just a 1/2 two to three times a week.
    Q: Why?
    A: Because the swing is the antidote to the sitting posture.

    Q: How does it correct sitting posture?
    A: It strengthens the glutes and opens the hip flexors. (When you are seated, the glutes are turned off and the hip flexors are shortened.) It also re-establishes proper breathing, mobilizes the hips, and stabilizes the spine.

    Q: Better health, posture, and mobility—is that all?
    A: In fact that's not all, but it is plenty.

    Q: So is this all a person needs to do?
    A: It is a bare minimum. If all you have is a minute or two, do swings.

    Q: What if I sit for 10 hours a day?
    A: Then you should swing a bell for a minimum of 5 minutes, every day.

    Q: What if I can't find 5 minutes every day?
    It is surprising how we can fit into our schedule what we feel is important. Taking a 5five or ten-minute break you can seat belt a kettlebell into your vehicle and do a few swings anywhere. Your body will thank you with renewed energy and vitality.
    Q. Can a person with lower back pain safely do a kettlebell swing.
    Yes, when you have the correct form will increase your deep core strength making your back more resilient.
    Q. I lose my balance easily and am afraid to swing a kettlebell.
    Kettlebells increase your fast twitch muscle fibers that decline with age increasing the number of slow twitch fibers that often leads to lack of balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, and falls.
    Please watch this video on how to do the Kettlebell Basics. Your comments are welcome.

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