Kettlebell Swing With Band

Conditioning Lung Builder
Is your
kettlebell to light? Once you have a well execuated hip hinge with your
kettlebell swing ramp it up by adding a half inch to a one inch reistance band.
Take the ristance band & loop it through the handle of the kettlebell &
then back through itself, next step on the band with each foot.  Adding a band can add 30 to 70 pounds resistance
at the top of the top while addressing the hip hinge movement pattern. (High
quality ristance bands can be found at:
Next, is
a challenging variation of a box squat with a ketttle bell in the rack position
requires you to move your body with the weight of a kettlebell on both sides of
your body.. Adding the extra weight requires you to anchor the feet,sit
back,  pinch your gltues, breath deep with
a powerful hip snap to an up right position & then set back down.  
double kettlebell swing is an andvance move demanding you to use the same
fundementals as when using a single kettlebell. 
The dynamics of working with two kettlebells requires you to move under
tension controlled by your breath. It is essential to anchor your feet solid to
the grounds, powerful hip hinge, brace your abs, glutes, lats, back & amrs
for a total body workout.
these exercises a try & let me know how it goes for you!
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