I keep rediscovering how important it is to be “in tune” to our bodies. About the time I "think" I have a good handle obtaining over all body strength find myself in for a "hello there" surprise.  I discovered my forearms were a little sore. I asked myself "what have I done differently?" Well, one of my clients brought to my group Strength Conditioning exercise class clothes pins to work our fingers.  To add an extra twist to just "squeezing" the clothes pins between their fingers had them as they internally rotate their arms and squeeze the clothes pins. This same technique can also be done with a small soft ball to help activate the rotor cuff muscles.  This is an excellent way to help strengthen your forearms along with kettlebell exercises.  

As our bodies age it is important to have a healthy diet, staying hydrated with water, breathing deep, social connections with others and regular exercise.  If any one of these areas is out of balance will impact the other areas.  Through life happenings and the aging process injuries can result to injuries such as ACL, MCL tears to the knees. For instance, for knees the L stands for ligaments that surround the knee.  Rotor cuffs of shoulders, tendons and carpel tunnel syndrome.

Even if there isn’t a tear in the connective tissues there can be issues such as tendonitis, an inflammation of the tendon in elbows, knees, ankles.  Performing exercises correctly can help avoid issues along with strengthening connective tissues. If there is pain or discomfort it is a good idea to obtain a diagnosis from a train health care professional. Even if the diagnosis is an injury “corrective” exercises, massage and physical therapy can assist with recovery.

Building your foundation of tendon and ligament strength in a progression getting them stronger takes longer than building muscle with a regular exercise program and daily activates. It is recommend you build your training loads gradually over time to strengthen connective tissues such as using clothes pins, small balls, resistance bands and kettlebells. This gives your connective tissue another dimension of strength that will carry you into your golden years of 60s, 70s, 80, 90s. There are many examples of individuals around us and from articles off social media who inspire and encourage us to keep being active, breathing correctly and regular exercise.

Your questions and feedback is welcome.  To learn how you can get started or enhance your current exercise routine I can be contacted. Move well, move often, get fit, live!

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