How many push-up can you do? This study was done with men but, us ladies need to do as many push-up as we are able to with perfect form. The standard for men is 40 so us ladies should be able to do at least 30. I just gave it a go & did 40 & when I have my feet in my suspension system stirrups with my body suspended off the floor can do 25 Turbo Push-Up. A Turbo Push-Up is when I do a push-up & next bring my knees up to my chest. Fun!

What I felt was really interesting about the study is how doing push-ups increased cardio health buy reducing the likelihood of having a heart attack. Just like men us ladies aren't immune to not having heart attacks.

Move well, move often, get fit, live!
Kettlebell Lady Leanne Wylet, Multi-Credentialed Fitness Instructor, Lurn Certified Copywriter & Facebook Academy.
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Attached is a file with a video & variations on how you can over time increase the number of push-up you can do. Those who are in my Be Fit Group exercise class know this is part of what we do during our time together