Kettlebell Total Body Training in the Safety Zone

otal Body Workout in the Safety Zone Kettlebell(s) or with dumbbell(s) or body weight workouts are easily to fit into a busy schedule in just 5 to 15 minutes broken up during the day. Especially with kettlebells you can complete a total body workout for cardio, strength, flexibility, weight resistance, core strength & more! It’s important to find actives you enjoy, keep moving and have fun.  This combination was done with 12 different kettlebell exercises using compound muscle groups. You can repeat these exercises for a total time of ten or fifteen minutes. It’s important to choose exercises you like and mix them up. Stop when you feel you could do one more round to help avoid strains and injury.  It’s important to get your body core temperature and muscles warmed up before you begin your training.  Once your heart rate is increased keep moving until your heart rate drops to normal. Cooling down after training will help reduce muscles soreness and you will recover quicker.  An eas

Kettlebell Halo Variation in the Safety Zone

Kettlebell Farmers Walk Variation 1 in the Safety Zone

Farmers Walk Variation in the Safety Zone

Kettlebell Round A Bout Workout in the Safety Zone

Modified Crunch with Kettlebell in the Safety Zone

Kettlebell HIIT Total Body Long Cycle

Review of Mastery Coach Kettlebell Lady of Iron Leanne

Kettlebell Hard Style & Soft Style Kettlebell Swing in the Safety Zone

Tripod Foot Exercises in the Safety Zone

Single Deadlift to a Row in the Safety Zone

Kettlebell Swing HIIT Gravity Exercise

Kettlebell Deadlift, Squat, Row Total Body Workout