Kettlebell Swing Stop Start in the Safety Zone Most kettlebell injuries occur with the kettlebell is improperly parked. You need to have your feet straight ahead, thumbs inward on the kettlebell to avoid it sticking out which could lead to an injury, sit back, reach out with 2 hands in front of you, fists to fingers & index fingers pinkies on the outside of the kettlebell handle. Always stop when you feel you could do one more rep because when you get fatigued the form can break down leading to an injury or when a transition is made into other movement such as a clean to a press.   The s hip hinge is the fundamental of the kettlebell swing, with more weight on the heels of your foot, sit back like you are going to set on a chair & hike the kettlebell back between your legs drive shoulders down away from the ears, engaging your lats, breathing out & the swing should be parallel looking like a plank at the top of the move. Be sure to keep your rib cage down, squeeze y

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Kettlebell Swing Variations in the Safety Zone

Easy-Push-Up Variations in the Safety Zone

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Kettlebell HIIT Total Body Workout

Kettlebell HIIT Total Body Workout in the Safety Zone

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HIIT Total Body Workout in the Safety Zone